Saturday, July 30, 2011

Website fixed.

Facing Worlds in Unreal Tournament.
I have got my website back up at and it is a good feeling to finally have everything fixed. I just need to wait for the DNS to finally resolve. I was really getting annoyed with the registrar as I registered the domain with but I did a search on that website and I could not find the domain to renew it. Anyway, the website will be up again with a better domain name and better than ever. The screenshot I have added to the right is a shot of the Minas Morgul map from Deus Vult II, a Doom II map with a horde of monsters that come out of the castle just like the Orcs in Lord of the Rings. That classic scene from the Return of the King was pretty amazing and now you can see what the inside of the castle looks like. There is a glimpse of this when the Nazgul is suiting up and his squires are helping him put his gloves on. You get a look at the inside of the castle, but you do not get to see much. The thing that makes Doom2 better than Doom3 is the fact that maps can be made that are gigantic in size and have thousands of monsters.
Minas Morgul in Doom II.

Nuts3.wad has over 12000 monsters in UV and is a huge challenge to complete. Doom3 has maps with only a few monsters in it and a new monster like the Revenant is announced with a cutscene where it flaunts its abilities and then you fight it. Doom did not do that, the monsters would just be something you would run into and you had to be prepared to fight by conserving your rockets and other ammunition for the impending battle, like E1M8 for example.

This blog post is an in-depth analysis of the level architecture in the Doom & Doom 2 maps and is a very interesting read. I recommend everyone who is into Doom give this a read.

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