Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classic games are still the best.

I have been playing Unreal Tournament`99 and Doom.exe and it is my opinion that the older games have the best game-play compared to the more modern games like Call of Duty and Halo. The Halo community is really letting the game down, they are very immature at times and do not behave like mature adults, leading some to conclude that only children play these types of games. But as I said before, most gamers are mature adults and behave very intelligently online, I have played Quakelive and Unreal Tournament 99 online and I had a great time, the older games are very good running on modern computers. new gamers need to recognise where their games came from and appreciate what we have now. I hope that Doom4 is a good game and does not turn out to have regenerating health and checkpoints. Someone said that they want humans to fight against that are serving the Demons and are carrying weapons like yours and provide a different challenge to the various monsters, that would follow the story of the second Doom novel. Then the game would really be worth playing; running and hiding inside buildings and sniping monsters in a sort of guerrilla warfare style of game-play would be the best version of Doom2 yet, it would have allies as well to help you fight the monsters.

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