Saturday, April 13, 2013

My new Gzdoom map with 3D buildings and good gameplay.

The 3D floors.
This is a screenshot from a Plutonia map I am working on. This is a map making use of Gzdoom specials to create 3D buildings. I hope that this map turns out very well, I am working hard on creating something different that the player will really enjoy. I have included a large lake in the map and a jetty jutting out into the water that has Arachnotrons on it that are guarding a BFG. This map will not be too difficult, but will require good aim and swimming to enable the player to recover weapons and health.
The gate and a 3D building.
Download a preview version of this map here: This map is for Plutonia and requires Gzdoom to function properly. I hope that you all enjoy this map when it is completed, I want to make a very good Gzdoom map that makes use of many features of the new Gzdoom engine.

Here is a new download link with even more detail. Below is a screenshot of the building on top of the hill. This has the red key. The metal bar raises allowing you to enter the room and get the key.

Another 3D building on top of the hill.

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