Friday, July 22, 2011

R Rating for games approved in Australia.

This is great news, finally an R rating for games is on the cards after a very long wait. Gamers and games journalists have been calling for an  adult rating for PC and console games to recognise the fact that the average gamer is in his/her 30`s now and games are no longer exclusively played by children. The OFLC have finally caved in and decided to treat us all like adults and not children. I love playing Doom and Unreal Tournament and I have not shot up any schools even though I do have weapons experience. There are other factors that contribute to the violence in society and they are not violent games like Mortal Kombat and Doom. It was the bullying that the Columbine shooters where subjected to that led to the infamous shooting that went down in history. But this was not caused by the Doom games which they love to play, it was societal factors that led to the tragic events of that horrible day.

There are always concerned parents and pressure groups that try and blame the electronic entertainment industry for the violence in today`s society; it is actually films and Television that contain more shocking and confronting content. films like the Saw series that show women having their hair pulled by a machine and being scalped, or having to cut off their own arm and throw it down a chute to satisfy a machine. That is the real horror in today`s society, we are becoming desensitised to all of the violence that we see on the television shows and hear about on the news. We need to become a more peaceful society and take away the more violent shows and overtly sexual music videos that are sexualising young people from an early age, this must be the root cause of the growing incidences of crime in our towns and cities. Cyber-bullying is on the rise as well due the preponderance of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Everyone is online and this leads to more and more bullying, I wish I could go back to the 1990s, everything was better back then. Especially the music.

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