Saturday, July 23, 2011

Classic Doom and Doom4.

The classic Doom shareware release that sparked the whole FPS gaming scene is still a very popular game these days, 17 years after the initial shareware release in 1993. Nowadays, maps are made for Doom & Doom2 that are far better than most of the maps made around 1994, with huge projects like re-imagining of the epic Deus Vult II wadfile that contained maps that were crammed with monsters and had such settings as a mountain, or Minas Ithil, the home of the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. Doom3 got more gamers interested in Doom, but I am not a fan of that game, and I would rather wait and see what Doom4 will bring to the table as far as quality game-play is concerned. Doom3 was just corridor shooting over and over again, I want something better with more open areas and brighter levels that you do not need to play in a dark room to see where you are going. This is the best thing to happen to Doom in my opinion, a proper re-boot of the Doom game with good graphics and even better game-play would be the best thing to happen to gaming, a whole new generation of gamers would be playing the new version of the old Doom2.

The Doom source ports we have today support higher resolutions, high-resolution textures and 3D models to replace the sprites that Doom uses. This put together in a source port like Vavoom or Gzdoom can create a Doom game quite unlike the 1993 original.
But Doom was supposed to run on a i386 and i486 CPU, nowadays we have core 2 duo and i7 CPU`s available and therefore we can run aps for Doom that are far larger than could have been imagined in 1993. TheSpire2.wad has about 4000 monsters in it and is a gigantic map surrounding a huge tower. With the release of the Boom source port by Team TNT, the normal limits of the Doom engine where removed and level designers could create much larger maps without fear of Visplane overflows. That was an error that you would get iwhen running the Doom game with vanilla Doom and it had a little too much detail in it and it would exit with an error. But with Boom you can keep adding detail and get the map you want, Gothic DM is a good example of the amount of detail you can add to make your Doom map great. Other games like Unreal Tournament have some great maps, like DM Crane where you fight on top of a skyscraper under construction. falling to your death is a constant threat, but the gameplay is awesome. UT 2004 added more to the assault mode including vehicles and gun turrets you can man to defend your base. The thermonuclear Redeemer is still in it as well as the other familiar weapons. But I like the original 1999 release of Unreal Tournament the best, the gameplay is very fast and hectic with death lurking around every corner.

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