Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Editing modern maps is so hard.

My E1M1 I made from scratch.
Editing maps for modern games is very difficult compared to the older games like Doom. I have made a version of Doom E1M1 from scratch and it was very easy to make. But if I tried to make the same thing in the Doom3 editor I would have a heck of a time trying to get it done, 3D games are very hard to map for, and making maps that rival the ID Software Doom3 maps would take a lot of dedication indeed. Doomworld has many editing tutorials for Doom & Doom2 as well as the Boom source ports. These make life easier when you are trying to finish a map and you are wondering how to achieve that special effect you desire.

I have tried Quake editing as well as Quake 3, but I could only make simple maps and nothing special enough to upload. But I have made countless Doom and Doom2 maps that have much awesome detail and tough enemies. As these screenshots show, Doom can have good architecture and cool outside areas as well.
Another shot of my E1M1 map.
The Nukage pit is especially nice, there is a drain at the back of the pit where the Nukage can drain into pipes and be pumped somewhere else for processing. As you can see below, the courtyard looks a bit like the one in the original E1M1 from 1993, just with a small island in the middle of the Nukage lagoon with some goodies on it, but the sky trick is the same, using a neat trick to make the wall low down, but the entrance passageway into the building is still taller. And I did not use IDDQD for any of these screenshots at all.

Get the map here: A vanilla Doom map for Ultimate Doom. Best played with Chocolate Doom.

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