Thursday, November 17, 2011

Classic Unreal is awesome.

Harobed Village. A beautiful scene.
I have been playing the Classic Unreal game in 1680:1050 resolution on my computer and this classic game from the 90's is still as awesome as the first time I played it. It is quite challenging to fight the enemies, especially the Skaarj, due to their dodging ability and their speed. There is danger around every corner and the levels have a good theme running through them that really makes the game seem like one cohesive whole. You can see parts of the next map sometimes towering above you, that add to the illusion of one solid gaming world. The unofficial 1.27g patch for Unreal adds a couple of awesome new maps and support for DirectX meaning that if you are running Windows 7 x64, then you can run this game like any other Windows game without having to install a Glide wrapper to emulate the 3dFX hardware that was used in the time this game was released. The Artificial Intelligence displayed by the monsters is incredible and makes some fights very tricky indeed.

The Titan enemies take a lot of punishment before going down, so preparation is required before entering the battle arena with these huge and powerful monsters. Doom & Doom 2 had the Cyberdemon, but the Titan is just as terrifying to fight up close unless you have the Flak Cannon or the Eightball gun, then you only need to hit them repeatedly and keep moving to kill the monster. This is just like killing a Cyberdemon, but the Titans rocks he throws are more unpredictable and more care is needed to avoid injury. Monsters like the Gasbag that can fly and launch balls of burning gas at you, these are good at doging your rockets and hitscan weapons are required to take these enemies down without fuss. Modern games are not as much fun compared to the classic games of the 1990s.

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