Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Miscellaneous rantings.

The Unity desktop on Linux Mint is very interesting as a desktop interface, but the Cinnamon desktop is more useful as a day to day workplace, and is more customizable to boot. Speaking of interfaces, the Iphone styled keyboard for Android is the best keyboard I have found yet. It is a free application and provides exactly what it promises in terms of a worthwhile keyboard for a tablet computer. Android is a good tablet operating system with a good application store and backing from Google.

Blasting the enemies in Plutonia.
Symbian is dead in the water compared to Apple IOS and the aforementioned Google Android operating system that is advertised all over the Internet and television. Any mobile operating system that gets that level of exposure will be a huge success. An Iphone styled keyboard for Google Android is the most useful keyboard for this mobile operating system. Other keyboards are very annoying and useless, but this one is actually very useful indeed, I have an external keyboard for Android; that relies on a trial app, Blueinput to function and that is not a very good application as it isn't very useful when it is always inserting nag text in whatever you are writing. Very annoying indeed, but you get what you pay for.

I have been downloading music from the Internet recently, I managed to download the PSX Alien Trilogy soundtrack, Alien Trilogy was a nice first person shooter based on the three alien films which have just been revived with the new Prometheus film. The Prometheus film is a prequel to the first Alien film and describes the first contact between humanity and the alien species named Space Jockeys as well as the alien xenomorphs that killed the noble alien race that landed on the alien planet to explore. They left a beacon to warn off other ships, but it ended up attracting the humans instead. It is notable that the PSX game had the planet in Aliens; which is the second movie as the first part of the game.

But that does not matter. It was heaps of fun to play and the level design was quite good as well. I hope the movie is as good as all of the hype building up to the release as I am quite fond of the Aliens films. Another Playstation game I am fond of is the Doom game converted to the PSX by Midway. That was a good port, with excellent music and great atmosphere with colored lighting and a new monster, the nightmare specter.

The Debian distribution is pissing me off right now, I installed the latest updates with the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade command and now the USB keyboard and mouse will not work at all. I can not even use my PS2 mouse! Sp I have booted into my Linux Mint distribution instead. What a load of shit. Linux is not ready for the desktop at this rate.

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