Saturday, January 28, 2012

My new Doom wad.

My new Doom2 wad.
This is a new Doom wad I am working on. This wad is for Doom2 using the Scythe 2 textures. I am making a wad design where you start inside, then make your way out into the open area pictured then over a bridge and back indoors to the finale. I have a custom sky texture defined, which really suits the map to a tee. Pictured to the left is the starting area, you begin on the square platform and you must make your way over the cross shaped bridge to the area where I am standing, then into the next room where the fight begins.

The bridge that is shown in the first screenshot is over a river of blood that flows through the open courtyard and is your first major obstacle in your quest to complete this map. I am trying to make something that is not too difficult, but not too easy at the same time. This will be a map with a large number of monsters thrown at you at once.
The starting area.

This wouldbe quite challenging, but the player will get hold of weapons to take care of the monsters easily, but taking cover and finding secrets will be the key to success in this map.

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