Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Doom 4 approaching.

I wish Doom 4`s graphics looked like this.
The best thing about using a Symbian 'phone instead of the Google Android mobiles is that the Symbian OS is an older 'phone OS and therefore has more security and reliability than the Google Android 'phone I have tried, I had problems with the Android cellphone I was testing out as I wanted to connect the two cellphones with Bluetooth to send some music over and for the life of me I could not get the two devices to connect. But that is the way that technology is going these days with Linux distributions like Ubuntu being very simplified and therefore not working like a traditional Linux distribution such as Debian. Hopefully, even after the recent attacks against desktop Linux with many websites taken down and compromised by unknown malicious agents the reputation of free software will not be tarnished.
The newest ID software game, Doom 4 is approaching very quickly. The game will hopefully be set on Earth but the levels might not be as large and complex as those seen in the original Doom II game from 1994. Doom2 MAP15 Industrial Area is a very good map to have in the number 15 slot and the secret exit is quite hard to find, but very rewarding. if the game is set on Earth in the future it could have levels resembling the maps in the PC game Blood II, the city maps in that game are very dark and grimy but not dark in the sense of being totally pitch black.They need to make the game a little more realistic, the streets in the city at night in reality can be dark, but there could be starlight and even moonlight that will illuminate the streets somewhat. I would hope that some of the maps are set in daylight and this would allow a different style of gameplay than the torch juggling in Doom3.

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