Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plutonia 2 reloaded is very good.

The latest incarnation of the Plutonia series has been released, featuring yet another version of the Plutonia MAP32 entitled "Go @ It". This map is a little more cramped than the Plutonia 2 version and quite different to the original Plutonia MAP32, but still fun. MAP15 "Helix" is a very entertaining and large map with the huge spiral tower that you must climb to access a red key door. I still have not completed this map but I am hoping that the ending is as good as the rest of the map.

MAP31 is quite reminiscent of MAP31 from Plutonia and is named "Cyber Vertigo". A very difficult looking map in keeping with the whole theme of Plutonia overall.

get the megawad here, for vanilla Doom. You need the Plutonia IWAD to be able to play this wadfile.

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